Data Center Frontier shared a paper by Sunbird Software - 7 Best Practices for Simplifying Data Center Cable Management.

The paper is presenting the benefits of utilizing a DCIM system in a data center, and while the paper is a quick and easy read, some of the pro tips caught my attention especially as it relates to power distribution cables.

Pro Tip - Make your cables easy to identify by affixing printed, clearly legible, waterproof labels to each cable.

PDU Cables offers a wide variety of both standard and custom labeling options for improved cable management.

Pro Tip - Color-code your cables by determining a color scheme for different uses in your environment.

PDU Cables offers 11 colors of conduit allow you to clearly mark mission critical cable runs, allow for identification of panel boards within the PDU and make it easier to isolate power sources.

Pro Tip - The right cable length is long enough to be able to route neatly, but not too long that there is excess length.

PDU Cables prefabricated power cable assemblies are built to the exact lengths required by the data center. No excess cables taking up space and wasting your money.

Pro Tip - Use the best cable grade to future-proof your investment.

PDU Cables are made with the highest quality components available, build in a controlled manufacturing environment, tested, verified and certified to UL standards.

Bottom line, data center management is made easier when best practices are followed. Here is a link to 12 Tips for Improved Data Center Cable Management.