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We Share your Sense of Urgency!


If you need a quote right away PDU Cables has a team of sales support staff available to generate quotes, usually in less than an hour.  Even most electrical panel schedule take offs can be done the same day we receive them. 
Once we know what you need quoted, we'll tell you how long the quote will take and then deliver on that commitment.
If there is something you need, something special you require, all you need to do is ask and we'll do our best to solve your problem or meet your needs.  Our sales support team has years of experience configuring branch circuit power distribution cables, and they not only generate quotes and shepherd projects through the manufacturing process, but are here to serve as resources to you to help find the best solutions to critical power problems.  
If you have a cabling question, give us a call.  We’ll help make you look and feel like a cabling expert.  

Free Takeoffs

Take Off

We're Trying to Make Your Life Easier! 

Who wouldn't want to off-load cumbersome, messy and unwanted jobs to someone trained and experienced in those duties?  Passing these tasks would let you focus your time and energy on  something that will make you more productive.     

Why create power cable configurations when all you have to do is send your electrical panel schedules or electrical floor plans to PDU Cables and let our inside sales team perform a free takeoff and deliver to you a complete list of power distribution cables needed to satisfy the project.    
Don't think of it as dumping and running, think of it as creatively outsourcing.  We don't mind, our people are trained and experienced in these duties, and we are happy to do it for you free.  We have a KIP wide format printer on-site ready to output your electrical panel schedules, allowing us to quickly identify your power distribution cable assembly needs and generate for you a quote while you attend to more important issues.     
Time is money, why spend it configuring power distribution cable assemblies when you can send your electrical panel schedules to PDU Cables and have them done for you.  Let PDU Cables help make you more productive.