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PowerLOK Rackmount PDU

The PowerLOK rack PDU is a next-generation offering for the power distribution market. The innovative PowerLOK distributes network power to multiple devices while providing a safe, reliable, efficient rack power distribution performance.  


Engineered for Reliability

PowerLOK’s internal connections are fully machine soldered from the line entry cord to the receptacles. Machine soldering eliminates less reliable connection methods such as crimps, faston, push-ons, insulation displacement, and hand-soldered terminations, the most common point of failure in PDUs. PowerLOK’s automated soldering process eliminates human error, keeps wiring organized, and provides the most reliable rack PDU on the market.  


Independent testing found PowerLOK Rack PDUs are 270% less likely to fail, compared to most competitive PDU units.  Steve Fairfax, mtechnology



More Options, Increased Density 

PowerLOK is available in thousands of configurations of C13 and C19 receptacle groups in 20A and 30A single and three-phase rack PDUs. Currently in development, 50A and 60A three-phase units will be available when safety certification testing is complete.  PowerLOK provides exceptional receptacle density—up to 48 C13s on a single 72” PDU strip.  Optional 120V 5-15R convenience outlets are available in one or two receptacles, allowing technicians to power hand-held devices on the data center floor.


PowerLOK is available in both basic and smart versions. It includes a color touchscreen display to provide local data, and ethernet communications with the ability to daisy-chain, sending data back to a BMS or DCIM system. On all smart models, a sensor monitors the internal temperature of the rack PDU.CordLOK


Quick Turn for Faster Deployment

To facilitate rapid deployment, PowerLOK Rack PDUs offer 32 of the most popular configurations in stock and are ready to ship, including 16 basic PDUs and 16 smart PDU configurations. 


Upgrade Options

PowerLOK can custom configure and build Rack PDUs to your exact specifications.  In addition to the standard Black, the PowerLOK can be built in either Red, White, or Blue to allow color-coding for better organization and management of critical power paths.  Call your sales representative for more information about designing custom configurations.   





Touch Screen Display




Another popular upgrade option is the patent-pending universal cord locking device called CordLOK.  CordLOK limits the chance of plugs becoming disconnected due to vibrations or inadvertent contact.  CordLOK works with standard server cords and does not reduce receptacle density. CordLOK clicks and locks when the server power cord is inserted and is released when you roll the wheel with your thumb.  No more ordering special locking accessories or jumper cords.













Advanced Monitoring and Touchscreen Display

Offering a simplified user interface and superior, more reliable monitoring solution not found on other rack PDUs, PowerLOK’s fully functional and highly visible touchscreen display eliminates failure-prone push-buttons.  PowerLOK PDUs can be daisy-chained to reduce network port use. 


Embedded Webserver

PowerLOK monitored PDUs offer simplified real-time and historical graphing.  The output log interface includes internal temperature along with key power diagnostic measurements.  Preset critical thresholds illuminate in red for visibility.  The log interface allows for two weeks of data to be maintained and viewed using scales that are important to your business.  


Standard Features

  • Power monitoring is accurate to ± .5% for voltage and current from 1A to 30A.   
  • Slim space-saving design (measuring only 2.18” wide x 2.0” deep) with angled power whip configuration provides more flexibility in identifying optimal mounting position within rack or cabinet.  
  • Input cord length is 10’, with custom configurations from 3’ to 12’ available. 
  • Standard unit length is 72” (42u), 36”,  41”, 46”, 82”, and 92” lengths also available.
  • A touchscreen display to monitor outlets on the group level and a swipeable display help eliminate the need for external, mechanical push buttons.
  • TUV Certified to UL/CSA 60950-1, FCC Part 15 Class A Conformance, RoHS Compliant. 
  • PowerLOKs are engineered, designed, and fully assembled in the USA.
  • Full 3-year limited warranty.  


 Toll Free: 866.631.4238


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