Having a successful data center means more than just buying the highest quality products available.  Implementing industry best practices, staying current with the latest issues and sharing important information all play a role.  We offer links to several sources of data center resource information.  


Facility Management Information
PDU Cables is proud to share data center facility management information.  The majority of this information was created by Ken Koty, a former Facilities Manager at Thomson Reuters.  During Ken's 30+ years, he oversaw the day-to-day operations of three data centers, each over 100,000 square feet.  Ken also served as project manager during the construction of two of these facilities. 
Included in these articles are information best practices and other relevant information shared by the PDU Cables team.   


Industry Information
Through our research industry studies and white papers that we find intersting and think you will too.  
We have attached links to these articles to share with you and anyone else who has an interest in today's data centers or mission critical environments.  

Link to Industry Information 


Industry Links
Want to attend a trade show?  Looking for a local chapter of a trade association?  Want to subscribe to a trade publication.  
Following are links to important industry trade conferences, shows, events and publications.


Glossary of Data Center Terms
We've compiled a list of common data center terms, with emphasis on infrastructure and facility management.  
PDU Cables has created a collection of data center related videos you might find interesting.  
Power Whip Installation Best Practices
Reduce the risk of damaging whips prior to and during installation, follow these installation best practices.