PDU Cables is the leading manufacturer of quick turn UL Listed, Hi-Pot tested and labeled custom power cable assemblies. Our goal is to help our customers implement effective cabling solutions for mission critical environment, in the quick-turn manner data centers require.  
With over 30 years of engineering, manufacturing and facilities management experience, no cabling project is new to us.  PDU Cables prides itself on being fast, reliable and knowledgeable - remaining cost effective even while providing the industry's highest quality power cables.
In addition to manufacturing and supplying branch circuit power distribution cables, PDU Cables also manufactures any number of custom power cables for a multitude of applications.  PDU Cables also manufactures rack/cabinet ground bonding cables designed to equalize electrical potentials and create a low impedance path to ground, to protect valuable equipment and personnel safety.  PDU Cables is also the exclusive distributor of the award winning AirGuard floor grommets.  
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