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TIA-607-C Standard

TIA-607-C states that a computer room should contain a supplementary bonding network grounded to the  Secondary bonding busbar (SBB) or primary bonding busbar (SBB).  Metallic components in need of bonding include racks, cabinets, ladders, surge protectors, cable trays, routers, switches and patch panels, each bonded to the SBB or PBB using a minimum size conductor of 6 AWG. 


7.1.4 Cabinets and racks

Rack bonding busbars (RBBs) are recommended for cabinets and racks that need to support multiple Unit (equipment) bonding conductors (UBC).  Cabinets, racks, and other enclosures in computer rooms shall not be bonded serially; each shall have their own dedicated bonding conductor to the mesh-bonding network (mesh-BN), primary bonding busbar (PBB), secondary bonding busbar (SBB), or telecommunications equipment bonding conductor (TEBC). 


7.1.5 Metallic pathways (Cable ladders, cable runways, conduits, pipes, and building steel)

In order to limit the potential difference between telecommunications pathways or between telecommunications pathways and power pathways, all metallic telecommunications pathways shall be bonded to the PBB or SBB.  Additionally, to achieve the objective of potential equalization, ensure that cable ladders, cable runways, conduit, pipes and building steel are bonded together and bonded to the PBB or SBB. 


7.4 Rack bonding busbar (RBB)

The RBB shall be installed horizontally or vertically on the rack using insulators which provide a minimum of 19mm or (0.75 in) separation. 


7.4.2 Bonds to the RBB

The RBB shall be bonded to either the rack bonding conductor or to the telecommunications equipment bonding conductor and to the rack.


7.4.3 Connectors to the RBB

Connections to the RBB shall utilize exothermic welding, listed compression two-hole lugs, or listed exothermic two-hole lugs. 


7.5.8 Telecommunications equipment bonding conductors (TEBC)

The TEBC connects the PBB/SBB to equipment racks/cabinets.  Connections to the TEBC shall be made with listed irreversible compression connectors. 


7.6 Bonding equipment cabinets/equipment racks to the TEBC

The TEBC shall be connected to the cabinets/equipment racks, to an rack bonding conductors (RBC) or to a vertical/horizontal rack bonding busbar (RBB), utilizing properly sized listed two-hole compression lugs or listed terminal blocks with two internal hex screws.


7.7 Structural bonding of racks/cabinets

All detachable, metallic parts of equipment cabinets (e.g. frame, door, side panel, top panel) shall be connected to ground, either directly by means of grounding/bonding jumpers or through the cabinet frame, to the connection point on the cabinet where the cabinet bonding conductor connects to the cabinet.  Removal of the paint from all bonding contact areas is recommended. 


TIA-607-C Standard Summarized

TIA-607-C Standard

Itascapoint Ground Bonding Case Study

Itascapoint Ground Bonding Case Study


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