Telecom Equip Bonding Conductor Kit (TEBC)

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Telecommunications Equipment Bonding Conductor Kit (TEBC) - Ground Bonding Kits - Select the length, and lug options to create a custom ground bonding kit.

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The goal of the grounding system within a data center is to equalize electrical potentials and create a low resistance path to ground. You want a grounding system that directs damaging currents away from equipment. TIA-942 requires each rack to bond directly to the grounding grid or common bonding network, directing current away from sensitive electronics.

  • Each Telecommunications Equipment Bonding Conductor Kit (TEBC) comes complete and ready to ground a rack through a raised floor or overhead to a grounding grid, and includes, a length of #6 AWG, a two-hole compression lug, two each 12-24 x ½”, 10-32 x ½”, M5 x 12mm and M6 x 12mm thread forming screws and a tube of antioxidant.
  • Each lug is pre-crimped using mechanical compression crimping tools to ensure long-term integrity of the grounding system.  
  • A captive strip is standard on the second termination end to accommodate grounding clamps.
  • Thread forming screws are made from electro zinc plated steel and provide a bond to the rack by removing paint from threaded holes without creating metal shavings.
  • Our #6 AWG cable is a 19 strand premium copper wire for added flexibility, strength and durability.  
  • Custom lengths are also available, call (866)631-4238 and ask for a sales representative.
  • Your choice of a variety of grounding clamps sold separately, select one that fits your needs.
  • 45 degree lug options are available as custom orders, call (866) 631-4238 and ask for a sales representative.