PDU Cables (Power Cable Assemblies)


IEC 309 Pin and Sleeve Power Whip

What are power distribution cables? 


PDU Cables power distribution cable assemblies are almost exclusively sold and installed into data centers or similar mission critical environments.  Power distribution cables are by definition an interconnecting power cable that brings power from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) a remote power panel typically with circuit breakers overhead or under a data center floor to just below a rack or cabinet that houses dozens of servers.  These servers are plugged into a large power strip (rackmount PDU) and the rackmount PDU is then plugged into PDU Cables power distribution cable, thus completing the power circuit.  For failover purposes there are typically two power cables feeding each rack of servers.  


Each power distribution cable sold is custom manufactured to the exact specifications of the data center, and the rack it is being used to power.  The power needs of each group of servers in a rack vary and as such each power cable will be different, with varying volt and amp configurations. Cost considerations and electrical wiring rules require that power cables are made to exacting lengths and each power cable is marked with labels identifying its components and power source and location within the data center.  Power cables are typically either manufactured on-site by in-house electricians, purchased from electrical contractors who manufacture in their own shops or bought as pre-fabricated assemblies (PDU Cables).  


Since 1981, PDU Cables has been the leading manufacturer of power distribution cable assemblies to data centers throughout North America.  

Manufactured with the highest quality components possible, pretested and certified to UL standards; PDU Cables priority is to provide the industries best power cables with the fastest delivery possible.  To accomplish this, PDU Cables has a large staff of trained assemblers managed by leads and supervisors experienced in the manufacturing process, aided by a set of process controls designed to ensure that tasks are performed correctly, completely and efficiently, the first time, every time. 


Why UL Listed Power Cables
Designing a fault tolerant critical power system involves more than redundancies, it requires high quality, safe and reliable products that meet the stringent obligations of a mission critical environment.  
The UL listing mark assigned to PDU Cables certifies that each cable meets the stringent safety and performance standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories.   
Even the NFPA (75) and NEC (Article 645.5) address the importance of UL listed power cables in the construction standards for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) rooms.  Learn more..   


100% Pretested
PDU Cables tests each and every power cable we manufacture.  Pretesting cables guarantees that each cable is free from manufacturing or component defects.  It is important to eliminate the possibility of power failure at start up and ensure that it performs as planned under load.  Pretesting power cables in our facility saves from having to test cables on-site or worse yet, replacing a failed cable once wired and placed in service.  Learn more...



Custom Configurations
We recognize that every data center is unique, which is why we manufacture each and every power cable to its individual specifications.  Regardless of the configuration, PDU Cables can deliver the power cable solutions needed; underfloor or overhead power paths, single or multi-circuit devices, closed-nipple or daisy chain, even junction box configurations.   
If you have what you believe are unique configuration needs, give us a call and chances are we’re already making a similar cable for another customer.  Learn More...


Full Line of Options
No need to shop around, PDU Cables offers every possible power cable configuration, 1900 or weatherproof boxes, flexible metal conduit, liquid-tight flexible metal conduit, SO cord, NEMA locking or straight blade devices, pin and sleeve, or RussellStoll connectors.  You name it, we’ve got it in stock and ready to go.  Device Types.  Conduit Types.  


Superior Quality

There is a reason why PDU Cables branch circuit power cables are considered the industry standard.  Each power cable assembly is made with quality components using a consistent manufacturing process by experienced and trained staff with calibrated tools in a clean dedicated work environment, and only then packed and shipped after passing a thorough series of tests.  

PDU Cables produces a superior quality power distribution cable that thousands of data centers throughout North America have come to depend on. 




When adding new equipment, for most data centers, branch circuit power cables are near the bottom of the critical power distribution to-do list.  That’s why finding a fast reliable source of quality power distribution cables is solved with a single call to PDU Cables.  We can usually have a quote to you within an hour.  Place an order with PDU Cables, and we’ll have the cables built and shipped typically within 24-hours of order placement.  Even if you have a last second cable order, we can coordinate an expedited delivery to make sure the cables are onsite when needed.  Learn more...

Customer Service

PDU Cables employs a staff of inside sales technicians with years of experience configuring power distribution cables. Looking to keep a project moving and on-time, but need a quote or an answer to a cabling question?  Give us a call and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  
When you work with PDU Cables you work with knowledgeable sales and support staff who’ll shepherd your cable project from beginning to end, freeing you up to focus on more important issues.  Learn more...

Cable Configurator

PDU Cables has developed a logic driven cable configurator, designed to NEMA standards, to make ordering cables faster, easier and more accurate.  Used in conjunction with our proprietary MRP program, we are able identify and fix potential cable build problems before they can reach the manufacturing floor.  Following NEMA and engineering guidelines, we will know if conductors or conduit are required to be upgraded based on cable length, number and size of conductors or receptacle types.  Learn more...

Standardization & Consistency

For over 30 years, PDU Cables has been the leading manufacturer of UL listed, labeled and 100% pretested branch circuit power distribution cables.  Our manufacturing process is documented, standardized and consistent; that’s all we do and we do it well, hundreds of times a day every day.  PDU Cables understands the importance of consistency, that’s why we document and record each cable we manufacture.  That way, when desired, the cables we build next week or next year will be identical to the ones we build today.   
Colored Conduit, Boxes and Faceplates

Most data centers are now requiring color coding of power paths for improved facility management.  PDU Cables offering of eleven standard colors of conduit and color matched receptacle boxes and faceplates, is helping many data center take color coding to the next level.  Learn more about colored conduit... Learn more about colored boxes and faceplates...




Custom Labeling

Clear, comprehensive cable labels make installation faster and easier, and will help facilities personnel identify and track power paths.  Offered in eleven colors, in addition to the standard placement at the ends of the cable, labels can be placed throughout the length of the conduit, on boxes or faceplates, or any combination.  Learn more... 



Mounting Hardware

Don’t wait till the cables are on the job site to rig them for mounting.  PDU Cables offers it power cables pre-installed with mounting hardware.  Simply order the cables with pre-attached mounting hardware and they’ll be installed faster and with a lot less labor. Standard mounting hardware options include those used with floor beams, pedestals, uni-struts, and ladder rack and cable tray.  Learn more...


Product Guide Specifications
Planning a new project?  To ensure that your data center receives the power distribution cable assemblies it requires, PDU Cables will supply you with a product guide specification document to include in the project’s general specifications. That way you will be assured that the data center will install UL listed, 100% pretested power distribution cables that meet NFPA, NEC and electrical inspector standards. Learn more about NEC 645.5...


Lifetime Warranty

Quality, safety and reliability, that’s what PDU Cables stands for.  We believe in our products so much we offer a limited lifetime warranty on each and every cable we manufacture.