Benefits of Using PDU Cables

Following are some of the benefits of using PDU Cables prefabricated power cable assemblies. 


  1. PDU Cables, Save You Money
  2. Experienced Cable Technicians
  3. Cable Configurator Software Tool
  4. Cable Options for Every Application
  5. Single or Multiple Circuit Cables and Daisy Chains
  6. Cables and Tails Cut to any Lengths
  7. Eleven Liquid-Tight Conduit Color Options
  8. A Variety of Mounting Options
  9. Only the Highest Quality Components
  10. UL Listing
  11. Testing & Quality Control
  12. Custom Cable Labeling
  13. Packaging
  14. Matched Circuit Breakers
  15. Quick Turn-Around
  16. Unsurpassed Customer Service
  17. Limited Lifetime Warranty

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PDU Cables specializes in the manufacture of prefabricated UL Listed power distribution cable assemblies, we manufacture power whips and that’s all we make.  Our 30 years of experience, a dedicated workforce of cable technicians, and an 85,000+ sq. ft. facility allows us to assemble and ship thousands of cables every week.  Our volume ensures that components are purchased and cables are manufactured at the lowest cost possible, providing significant savings over in-house electricians and electrical contractors, a savings we gladly pass on to you. 

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At PDU Cables, we recognize that each and every cable installation is unique.  Cable management requires that power cables be manufactured to exacting specifications.  At the heart of solving many of these complex cable management issues is PDU Cables experienced staff of technicians.  After manufacturing power cable assemblies for over 30 years, PDU Cables knows what it takes to get the job done right.  Our experience tells us that success begins and ends with the quality of the people configuring and building the cables. 


At PDU Cables our cable technicians are expert cable configurators.  Their industry knowledge and product expertise make them the perfect choice to help you trouble shoot and find the right solutions to cabling problems.  They also take your blueprints or engineering/architectural drawings and provide project take-offs, panel schedules, schematics and labeling.  Every aspect of your project is considered, providing you a comprehensive solution to your power cabling needs. 

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As the leading manufacturer of power cable assemblies, PDU Cables developed the first cable configurator tool in the industry.  Our goal was to provide our customers with the quickest and easiest way of configuring power cables possible.  That means that if you want to configure the cables yourself, we have made our Power Cable and Equipment Configuration Tool available to you free of charge. 


PDU Cables Power Cable and Equipment Configurator Tool make ordering cables easy.  Our configurator walks you through the process of selecting and ordering the cables you need.  Use the drop down menus to select the components you want, standard electrical specifications will automatically populate along with the custom fields for the selected assembly.  


Our checklists make sure you don’t forget anything, speeds the ordering process and helps you to keep your power cable needs organized.  The process of creating a custom cable also creates a custom label for each cable. 


If you prefer, we will gladly take your written requirements and configure your cable needs for you. 

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PDU Cables offers power cable assemblies for both under-floor and drop-down power solutions, including: 

  • Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit (LFMC)
  • SO Cord Assemblies
  • Metal Clad (MC) Cables
  • Molded Cord Assemblies

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SINGLE OR MULTIPLE CIRCUIT CABLES (closed nipple or daisy chain)

Space under the data center floor is always difficult to allocate and manage.  When you consider the number of “line-powered” devices to be provisioned, some data centers might consider installing multiple circuit cables (MCC’s).  Multiple circuits can be run through the same cable conduit allowing for 2, 3 or more pieces of equipment to be powered off the same power whip, saving you time and money.  Our cable technicians can help you decide when and where daisy chains or multiple circuit cables make sense.  

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When hundreds of power and communication cables run under a raised floor, even a few extra feet of coiled cable can create air dam problems.  Excess cables take up valuable space creating airflow problems that negatively impact cooling efficiencies and energy consumption.  With PDU Cables, we manufacture each power cable assembly to your exact specifications. 


Cable tails are cut to an 8’ standard length.  Longer tails are available when wiring to tall RPP units or connecting to a cable trough. 

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Most data centers have adopted the use of redundant power sources and a good way to organize those dual power feeds is to match liquid tight conduit by color for each power source.  For added convenience and improved cable management, PDU Cables offers eleven colors of conduit allowing data centers to have unique colors for each primary and redundant PDU/RPP unit. 

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Mount power receptacles closer to the plug and off the floor to help protect against possible pooling water and address cable air dams under the raised floor.  Elevated mounting positions allow for better airflow and improved CRAC unit (computer room air conditioning) efficiency.   


PDU Cables offers a variety of options to facilitate elevated mounting positions including pedestal clamps attached to the back of the box, mounting bolts through the back of the box for the receptacle to be attached to the uni-strut, and mounting ears. 

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Committed to exceeding the mission critical needs of today’s data centers, PDU Cables strives to supply the highest quality power distribution cable assemblies possible.  The process starts with the best industrial grade components available, selected from proven manufacturers.  Each power cable assembly is then engineered to UL Standards and manufactured in a controlled environment for unequaled reliability and safety. 


PDU Cables assembles millions of feet of cable each year, and our years of experience have told us which manufacturers’ components are superior, and which to avoid.  Our selection of manufacturers guarantees the highest quality components possible when producing power cable assemblies.   


Quality starts with the best available components; below is a partial list of manufacturers we use to supply components:


Cooper Arrow Hart
Red Dot
Thomas & Betts
Steel City
International Metalhose
Square D


We recognize that every data center has unique needs and every person has unique preferences.  That’s why at PDU Cables we stock components from several manufacturers.  If a specific preference for a manufacturer’s components is desired, we will gladly substitute any component as per your request.

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Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is the standard for safety and compliance.  PDU Cables power cable assemblies meet all requirements of the UL to assure the electrical inspector that all the cables conform to UL Standards and not cause electrical hazards in a mission critical facility. 


Conforming to wiring assembly #478, manufactured with UL Listed components and certified as a complete UL Listed assembly, PDU Cables comply with NEC Article 350.30(A) and 645.5(E) so they do not have to be securely fastened in place and supported every 4.5 feet, expediting installation and integration. 


LFMC shall be securely fastened in place by an approved means within 300mm (12in.) of each box, cabinet, conduit body or other conduit termination and shall be supported and secured at intervals not to exceed 1.4m (4.5ft.).


Power cables and associated boxes, connectors, plugs and receptacles that are LISTED as part of, or for, Information Technology Equipment (ITE) shall NOT be required to be secured in place. 

For more information on NEC Article 645.5 click here.

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ALL (100%) of PDU Cables power distribution cable assemblies are thoroughly factory-inspected and tested to ensure unsurpassed performance and reliability. 


Insulation Leakage Test

PDU Cables performs insulation testing on all of its power cable assemblies.  The test ensures minimal leakage through wire sheathing and verifies that the conductors were not damaged during assembly which can create arching between conductors or to ground, causing a circuit to trip.  This also tests for proper phase rotation to ensure all conductors are connected to the proper terminations. 


Phase Rotation Test

In addition to the tests required by Underwriters Laboratory, PDU Cables performs an additional continuity test on each conductor to ensure each device is wired properly.  This tests continuity between each blade or socket of the supplied plug or receptacle and the correct color conductor at the opposing end of the cable, ensuring the device is wired according to the correct color code. 


Ground Continuity Test

This test ensures that there is grounding continuity between the grounding blade or socket of the supplied plug or receptacle and the supplied grounding conductor on the opposing end of the cable.  The continuity testing ensures that there are no breaks in the conductors used. 


Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test (Hi-Pot)

The Hi-Pot test is performed on each conductor at 60hertz, 1200 volts (AC) + 2.4 times the marked voltage for one second.  For instance, if the cable is for a 120 volt application, the voltage amount applied to the cable would be 1200 + 288 (2.4 x 120 volts) or 1488 volts applied at 60 hertz for one second.  There can be no breakdown (shorting or arcing) of any conductor during the test.

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Each PDU Cable power cable assembly includes a cable identification label which references the circuit number, equipment, PDU panel, receptacle and length, as well as the UL certification.  This allows for easier installation when on site and for quicker isolation of cables if you need to shut equipment down.  Individual labels are protected with clear heat shrink wrap tubing to prevent alteration or accidental removal, and are located at both ends of the cable (or located per customer specification for convenient identification). 

Additional custom label options are available upon request:

  • Conductor circuit labels
  • Bell box labels
  • Additional Labels throughout the conduit length
  • Color coded labels to match conduit color
  • Faceplate labels (PDU Cables will also paint face plates to match conduit color)

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PDU Cables power cable assemblies are coiled into sturdy fiber drums, from shortest to longest cable length and barreled by PDU designation, panel and row (or any other customer provided specification) for ease of in-row installation.  Cables are wiped clean prior to barreling to ensure cleanliness and minimize the introduction of contaminants into the data center.  Each drum is labeled with a sheet that identifies exact contents and showing Hi-Pot test results, and loaded onto a standard shipping pallet.  The fiber drums provide cable protection during shipment and make it easy to unload and move cables around the job site.

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 With each cable purchase PDU Cables can provide a circuit breaker matched to the cable and your main breaker, giving you one less thing to worry about.  PDU Cables stocks a full line of both plug-in and bolt-in style circuit breakers, including Square D, GE and Cutler-Hammer. 

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PDU Cables is known for its quick turnaround and prompt delivery; most orders can be built and shipped within 24 hours.  Expedited orders and shipping are available as well. Our quick turn philosophy, with attention to detail, has helped many data center professionals meet tight deadlines.

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With over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, no cabling project is new to PDU Cables.  Let our expert cable technicians and their wealth of product and industry knowledge guide you through the cable configuration process.  We are expert trouble shooters who can help identify and avoid obstacles before they occur, and find the right solutions to any problem. 


Our cable technicians provide project take-off, panel schedules, schematics and labeling services.  If you have engineering or architectural drawings, we can create a list of cable requirements for a quote as part of a take-off process. 

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PDU Cables ensures that all power cable assemblies are free from defects in quality and workmanship from the date of original purchase.  PDU Cables warranty excludes connectors, circuit breakers, and devices and does not cover damages due to accidents, abuse or improper installation.  Contact your regional sales manager or visit our web site for more information about registering for the limited lifetime warranty. 

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