Colored Conduit

Color in the Data Center & Colored Conduit


The importance of Color in the Data Center

The abundance of Gray, Black and White in most data centers hides the fact that color plays an important role in the management and uptime of many of the industry’s most successful leading edge data centers. 


Look behind the racks and cabinets, pull a floor tile or open up an RPP and you’ll see a wealth of color.  Color provides quick visual identification.  Color coding simplifies management and can save time when tracing cables.  If you are purchasing cables from a supplier with limited color options or if you are making your own power cables, you can use color tape or banding for the ends of the cables to identify the power sources.


With PDU Cables you get the entire cable in a color of your choice for no extra cost. 


The use of Colored Conduit

A data centers greatest challenge is keeping its equipment up and running 24/7, especially during maintenance on the critical power paths that feed the equipment.  Even if your site allows you to shut down periodically, you are still faced with the possibility of failed power supplies in the IT equipment, or tripped circuit breakers, which can cause an outage. 


Most data centers have adopted the use of redundant power sources and a good way to organize those dual power feeds is to match liquid tight conduit by color for each power source.  For added convenience and improved cable management, PDU Cables offers eleven colors of conduit allowing data centers to have unique colors for each primary and redundant PDU/RPP unit. 


Matching and managing colored wires are critical in a data center environment.  Using liquid tight color conduit to help manage the cabling of the data center equipment makes your job easier, and with the eleven different colors of the industry’s highest quality conduit makes sense. 


Eleven Liquid Tight Conduit Colors

As the first cable assembly manufacturer to offer colored liquid-tight conduit, PDU Cables has expanded its offering to eleven colors (Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Gray, Pink, White, Brown and Purple). 


The separation of primary power from redundant power.Multiple Conduit Colors Permit:

PDU Cables offers eleven colors of liquid tight electrical conduit.  Manufactured by AFC international metal hose sealskin

Easier identification of panel board within the PDU. 
Clearly mark mission critical cable runs.
Make your job easier when isolating power sources with separate colored conduit from PDU Cables.  
Identify individual cable runs from each PDU to ensure dual corded equipment is fed from both power paths.
PDU Cables ensures that the colors of the conduit remain consistent from order-to-order. 









PDU Cables verifies all of its colored liquid tight conduit prior to accepting to ensure that each color matches so Data Centers will have power whips that all match for dual wired servers and PDU/RPPs


Using color conduit is an easy way to identify A/B path for dual corded equipment. 

We match our colors from batch to batch to make sure that the colors you order today will match the colors you ordered a year ago.


   Colored Conduit Under Raised Floor

Color coded liquid tight conduit is the perfect solution for managing a dual corded power supply.PDU Cables UL Listed power cable assemblies are shielded in a flexible, steel conduit encased in a copper shield to prevent electrical noise (EMI) from other cables and equipment in your data center.  By labeling the ends of each cable, your site manager/contractor can easily and efficiently pick out how your computer equipment is cabled.  Additionally, by color coordinating the cables, initial installation and future upgrades are easier and more efficient.