Industry Information

Industry Information

We’ve collected numerous news reports and white papers discussing various issues related to data centers.


Burr Computer Environments Inc.:

PDU Cables meeting the needs of BCEI


Government Studies Suggest:

Legacy data centers improve energy efficiency by addressing airflow problems


Data Center Air:

Cable grommets with nylon brushes significantly reduce bypass airflow


Data Center Contamination:

Limiting contamination by sealing under floor cable cutouts with brushed grommets


Best Practices Guide for Energy Efficient Data Center Design:

U.S. Department of Energy


National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 645.5:

NEC rules for underfloor power distribution for ITE equipment and room


2015 Study on Data Center Outages

Ponemon Institute, January 2016


2013 Study on Data Center Outages:

Ponemon Institute, September 2013


Extend the Life of Your Data Center:

Chatsworth Products, August 2013


UPS Battery Room Environment Critical Design Considerations:

Allen Wood, VP Data Center Division, Engineering Design Group 


How Much Energy Does the Internet Use:



Top 12 Ways to Decrease the Energy Consumption of your Data Center:

Energy Star


Common Requirements for the Safe Installation and Operation of Busways

Electrical and Product Safety Blogspot