Horizontal Rack Bonding Busbar Kit (RBB)

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19" Horizontal Rack Bonding Busbar (RBB) Kit (Part# GBP-RGB-H19-01-KIT)

Features 49 pre-drilled and tapped holes at .625" spacing to ground bond up to 24 items.  

Save time and labor and avoid adding contaminants into your workspace by utilizing pre-drilled and tapped busbars.  


Kit includes:

  • 1 – 19-3/8” tinned copper horizontal rack bonding busbar. (Tinned copper is an added protection against oxidation and corrosion.)
  • 2 – 11/16” white Delrin insulators (to insulate the busbar from the rack and creating intermediate grounds)
  • 4 - #12 x 5/8” zinc plated screws

 Horizontal Busbar Specifications


The Importance of Electronic Equipment Grounding

Electronic equipment can be sensitive to stray currents, electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge and other electrical disturbances “noise”.  To prevent electrical disturbances from affecting computers and other electrical equipment two entirely different and separate grounding systems are required.  The power distribution system must be grounded and the computer equipment and enclosures should be connected to a grounding grid or common bonding network. 

The goals of the grounding system within a data center are to equalize electrical potentials and to create a low impedance path to ground.  You want a grounding system that directs damaging currants away from the equipment.  TIA-607-C requires each rack to bond directly to the grounding grid or common bonding network, directing current away from sensitive electronics. 


7.1.4 Cabinets and racks

Rack bonding busbars (RBBs) are recommended for cabinets and racks that need to support multiple unit (equipment) bonding conductors.  Cabinets, racks, and other enclosures in computer rooms shall not be bonded serially; each shall have their own dedicated bonding conductor to the bonding network, telecommunications grounding busbar, or telecommunications main grounding busbar. 

  • Equipment rack bonding busbars serve as a common and accessible grounding point for all electronics mounting in an equipment rack or cabinet. 
  • The rack bonding busbar provides a convenient ground path between equipment mounted in a rack and the telecommunications bonding backbone. 
  • Each horizontal rack bonding busbar is pre-drilled to accommodate up to 25 flex unit bonding conductors for rack mounted equipment. 
  • The horizontal busbar, either positioned at the top or bottom of the rack, requires flex unit bonding conductors of varying lengths for each piece of equipment to be bonded to the busbar.