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TORI’S STORY: Engineered Products Company Partnership with Opportunity Partners Helps Advance Quality of Life

PDU Cables parent company Engineered Products Company (EPCO), is the premier supplier of specialty products to electrical distributors and contractors since 1976 and specializes in retrofit and utility lighting, ground bonding pigtails, fixture whips and appliance cords.  
The objective of EPCO’s relationship with Opportunity Partners (OP) is to help advance the quality of life for people with disabilities. EPCO has been working with OP for about 9 years and it’s an honor knowing we can help these individuals. Tori’s story proves just that. 
Each year Opportunity Partners honors one employee who has achieved independence through OP’s Program. Tori S. was recently honored for this achievement at the annual OP Gala on May 20th. 
Tori’s achievement has an impact on EPCO because our partnership with OP allowed Tori to work at EPCO on our Whip Line. By working with OP and EPCO, Tori has been able to move on to an independent job working in the lunchroom of an assisted living home.
A video telling Tori’s story was created to commemorate this achievement. Above are snapshots from the filming. Watch video here.
In 2012 Opportunity Partners named EPCO as the Laura Zemlin employer of the year.  
About Opportunity Partners: Established in 1953, Opportunity Partners is a Minnesota nonprofit organization that works alongside people with disabilities to provide job training, employment and residential support for people to live more independently, succeed on the job and lead lives filled with purpose and meaning. 
 Tori SoosaiTori at EPCO