Improving Data Center Performance and The Need for Ground Bonding Telecommunications Equipment

Itascapoint Advisory Services is a professional services firm specializing in data center and cloud technologies. It was hired to design a pair of data centers for a large financial institution that had been experiencing equipment failure and performance problems.

Itascapoint performed an evaluation and found that inconsistent ground bonding was leading to equipment performance problems in data centers. After performing over 800 field measurements their analysis determined that relying on equipment chassis and server racks and cabinet rails failed to provide consistent and adequate ground bonding.

PDU Cables and Itascapoint jointly created a case study to summarize Itascapoint's findings along with how PDU Cables' SurgGuard ground bonding kits help data centers implement a fast and easy solution to their ground bonding problems.

If you're looking to safeguard employees, upgrade network performance through proper ground bonding, and achieve TIA-607-C standards, give us a call. PDU Cables offers a full line of ground bonding products, and we can customize our kits to meet your data center's exact needs.