“The greatest threat we’re facing is the race for talent.”

That was the topic of discussion at the most recent Data Center World Conference.  Joe Kava, Google’s VP of Data Centers addressed the reality of an older homogeneous workforce that was approaching retirement age.

Many of the people who build and operate data centers are skilled trade workers, and as a category, skilled trade workers are aging rapidly.  The lack of qualified, data center workers could hamper the rapid growth of the data center industry.

The 2017 Klein Tools State of the Industry survey found a growing number of electricians becoming involved in high-tech installations.  Of those surveyed, 40 percent say they are concerned there won't be enough qualified electricians available in the coming years to meet demand.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the electrician field is projected to see a much faster than the average growth rate in the decade ahead, resulting in 85,900 new jobs by 2024.  The BLS notes that employers are reporting difficulty in finding qualified applicants.

With the shortage of electricians on the horizon, rising labor costs and the desire to better utilize scarce resources, more data centers, and electrical contractors have sought out prefabricated power solution, and that includes PDU Cables power cables.  PDU Cables quick turn, UL Listed, labeled, and pretested prefabricated branch circuit power distribution cables make for faster and easier installation, saving time, labor and money.

If you’d like to know more about how PDU Cables prefabricated branch circuit power distribution cables can help resolve your talent crisis, give us a call.