New in the NEC Handbook - 2017 edition

110.14 Electrical Connections

110.14(D) Installation. Where a tightening torque is indicated as numeric value on equipment or in installation instructions provided by the manufacturer, a calibrated torque tool shall be used to achieve the indicated torque value, unless the equipment manufacturer has provided installation instructions for an alternative method of achieving the required torque.

Findings of a field study, have shown that terminations are improperly tightened at least 75% of the time if a torque wrench is not used. Since the reliability and safety of terminations depends on proper connection, the use of the proper tool is essential.

PDU Cables uses calibrated torque drivers when making electrical terminations as per NEC 110.14(D) and 100.3. Are the people building your power whips using calibrated torque tools? Are your terminations under torqued as 55% are reported when not using calibrated torque tools?

It has been estimated that 90% of electrical failures occur at connections

Improper connections may result in premature failure of electrical terminations. Failure to properly torque terminals can result in excessive heating of terminals due to a loose connection. A loose connection can also lead to a short circuit or ground fault. Any of these can result in a fire or other failure, including an arc-flash event.