PDU Cables is happy to announce it has undertaken exclusive distribution of Busway Solutions tap-off boxes.  Busway Solutions has designed a safer and superior tap-off box to the standard OEM plug-in’s offered for Starline’s T5 series busway track system.  Fully compatible with any of the 250, 400, 800 and 1200 amp T5 series systems.

The re-engineered plug mast with larger paddle surface area, has been designed for increased safety, superior performance and easier installation.  The internal conductors have been upgraded to #8AWG wires on all boxes, with a 6#AWG wiring option for high density and multi-circuit applications.

Each Busway Solutions tap-off box comes standard with two mounting brackets for securer attachment along with the plug mast label and patented directional indicator to assure proper installation and de-installation.

Certified compliant by ETL to UL 857, and offered with a limited two-year warranty, Busway Solutions tap-off boxes are custom built to each application and offer utility grade metering as a factory direct add-on option.


Always follow NEC 70 rules for proper installation and de-installation of tap-off boxes from busway power distribution systems.