If you are looking for a lower price, you will always find someone eager to satisfy this requirement. They will work for the lowest amount of money they possibly can, but in the process will give you the least in terms of labor, material, attention to detail, quality and service value. Can you blame them? Why should they give you superior product and service if you're not willing to pay them for it? You're creating a Catch 22 scenario with the expectation that you can always get the highest quality product and superior service at the lowest price.

We frequently meet and talk with data centers and contractors about going with a pre-fabricated power cable solution over building their own. It doesn't take a lot to show the quality and time-saving benefits. They turn to their purchasing department who seek out the lowest bidder, who isn't always PDU Cables.

For those who choose a competitors' product, when we follow up with them, they often express their frustrations with the quality and timeliness of the cables they are receiving.

The problem...they didn't buy from PDU Cables.

One customer recently commented, "I went with a low bidder on a set of whips last month and am having nothing but trouble".

They found a manufacturer that sold them on price, but can't deliver on quality or service. While on paper the bids might look the same, in reality, there is so much more that goes into building a quality product than what is expressed in a quote document. And it is often the attention to detail and quality of support service that differentiates between the industry leader, PDU Cables, and all the others. And it is the quality of product and service that keeps so many of our customers coming back to us month-after-month, year-after-year.