Even with all of the labor and cost saving benefits of purchasing branch circuit power cables through PDU Cables, there are still data centers and electrical contractors that build their own power whips. From some of these DIY people, I get comments like, "Power whips aren't hard to build", "They're all the same." or "What difference does it make?"
How can you tell if your power whips are as good as PDU Cables?
Answer yes to these simple questions:

1. Are they UL Listed and certified safe for data center use?

2. Are they available in matching colors of the conduit, boxes, and faceplates?

3. Do they include conduit, box, faceplate and conductor labels?

4. Are colored labels an option for use with Greenfield conduit?

5. Do you have over a dozen different mounting hardware options?

6. Does each power whip pass four different quality tests?

7. Do they come with a lifetime warranty?
With PDU Cables, you can answer YES to all of these questions.
If your data center is mission critical and uptime depends on the integrity of your electrical system, then trust your power load delivery to PDU Cables.