"Not every server is mission-critical. Not every data center needs to be, either."

I saw that quote in a recent article about how some data centers are looking to offer options on power redundancy to clients who can get by with something less than five-nines.

Branch Circuit Power Distribution Cables are a Critical Component of Successful Load Delivery

For data centers facing the task of selling reliability without redundancy, start by talking about N; the data center's minimum power infrastructure needed to support the facility and servers. Having a reliable N means having an infrastructure designed and built with the highest-quality branch circuit power distribution cables possible.

PDU Cables provide a complete prefabricated power distribution assembly solution to ensure reliability of your power supply. PDU Cables power cables are UL listed and manufactured with the highest quality materials available, labeled and pretested prior to shipment.

Forgoing redundancy doesn't automatically require you to accept more downtime. Not when you build your power distribution system with high quality reliable components. Components like PDU Cables branch circuit power distribution cables.

Troy Peterson, VP Sales & Marketing, PDU Cables