AirBlock 6" Round (Brush Option) - Brush Grommet - Two Piece Design with a Cover Plate - SKU# 116-800-060

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AirGuard's AirBlock 6" Round (Brush Option) cable grommet provides excellent protection and utilizes standard brush grommet technology.  


The AirBlock is a brush seal grommet system for sealing around cable openings going through access flooring. The two-piece design removes the need for an outer housing ring, and facilitates quick and easy installation of the grommet. The AirBlock mechanically locks into an access floor panel hole via screw toggles located on the top surface of the grommet. Exposed screws are finished with a cap plug that matches the grommet surface.  

Grommet splits into two sections for quick and easy installation, no fishing cables through the grommet.

Included with each product are installation instructions and mounting hardware.


Diameter Hole – 6.0”

Usable Area – 4.0”x 1.5”