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UL Listed

The UL listing mark is one of the most recognized, accepted and trusted symbols in the world.  It means that a manufacturers facility and process has been checked and its product tested, all in the interest of safety.   Safety, quality, efficiency, reduced costs and consumer confidence are some of the benefits of UL certification.  

Ken Koty’s Data Center management tips and techiques gathered from his 30+ years as a leading date center facility manager.

  • AirGuard Extreme

    AirGuard Extreme

    The AirGuard Extreme is a heavy duty double layer gasket system, incor...
  • AirGuard 5" Round

    AirGuard 5" Round

    AirGuard 5" Round offers the most energy efficient superior dual seali...
  • Ground Bonding Kit

    Ground Bonding Kit

    Ground Bonding Kits - Select the length, and lug options to create a c...