PDU Cables®  Complete line of branch circuit PDU Cables, power whips
PDU Cables® Data Center Power Whips

Prefabricated UL Listed Data Center power distribution cable assemblies.

We Make Ordering Cables EASY!

Experience why thousands of data centers have made PDU Cables their preferred choice for branch-circuit conductors.

As the leading manufacturer of power cable assemblies, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that our mission at PDU Cables is to meet and exceed the expectations of our data center design and construction partners.  Our goal is to supply the highest quality UL Listed power cable assemblies possible. 

But that is only a small part of who PDU Cables is, and what we do. 

By providing superior customer service, unsurpassed product knowledge and unparalleled value in all of the products we manufacture and sell, PDU Cables has established itself as the leader in the industry and is the preferred choice for power cabling. 

As the leader in quality and innovation PDU Cables has recorded quite a number of firsts in the industry and offers several benefits that make our cable assemblies the first choice for data centers. 

If your data center is mission critical, uptime depends on the integrity of your electrical system. 

Rely on PDU Cables to provide a complete prefabricated power distribution assembly solution to ensure the highest reliability for your data center environment. 

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For immediate energy savings benefits.  Air-Guard® Cable Seal

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Improved Energy Efficiency!

Air-Guard Cable Seals

Your complete line of raised floor grommets!

Seal raised floor cable openings with the Air-Guard Cable Seal product line and realize immediate cost savings in your data center. 

Data centers require large amounts of cool air to maintain optimal temperature to keep servers functioning properly.  Cool air migration or leakage through cable holes in data center floors bypassing servers can lead to a drastic inefficient use of cool air and wasted energy dollars. 

With the installation of Air-Guard Cable Seal family of products, an immediate energy savings benefit is realized.  These products significantly minimize cool air loss, while improving static air pressure to cool data center equipment, which helps prevent expensive electrical equipment from overheating. 

Air-Guard Cable Seals are a simple inexpensive solution to promote more efficient cooling of your data center. 

With Air-Guard Cable Seals you get:


  • The best sealing grommet in the industry, the dual stage sealing system.


  • Reduce the bypass air loss and increase static pressure.


  • Extend current cooling equipment longevity - prolong the need to purchase new/additional equipment.


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SurgGuard PDU Cables new ground bonding kits


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Air-Guard Product Brochure

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