AirBlock 4" Server Rack Grommet - Brush & Rubber Gasket Grommet- SKU# GTABGTAG4R (GTAG4R)

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AirBlock Server Rack Grommet seals a standard 4" cable openings in server rack cabinets reducing airflow bypass and increasing cooling efficiency.  


The GTAG4R is a 4" rack-mounted grommet designed to accommodate new or existing holes in server racks. The GTAG4R grommet's two-piece construction is easy to install around existing cables, simply by snapping together and then snapping into the 4" hole. The GTAG4R limits airflow bypass resulting in increased cooling efficiency. Overlapping brushes with a secondary EPDM rubber membrane creates an extremely effective air containment system. The AirBlock GTAG4R Server Rack Grommet is easy to install, saving you time and labor. The unit snaps into place without the need for additional screws or fasteners.

Sealing around cable openings offers the following benefits:

· Reduced air loss, increases cooling capacity

· Improved cooling efficiencies extend cooling equipment's life

· Facilitates cold/hot aisle best practices

· Reduce energy consumption

· Saves money

AirBlock GTAG4R Server Rack Grommet:

· Utilizes a dual system of overlapping brushes and EPDM rubber membrane for improved sealing

· Two-piece split assembly designed for easy installation around existing cables

· Constructed of flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material

· Easy installation—" tool-less" snap-in feature based on a standard 4" round hole


Server Rack Grommet  GTAG4R