AirGuard 5" Round Surface Mount - Brush & Rubber Gasket Grommet - SKU# 116-800-050-SM

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AirGuard 5" Round Brush Surface Mount offers an energy efficient superior dual sealing technology in a small simple round design.  


The AirGuard 5" Round - Brush Surface Mount Grommet is a split, round, surface mount airflow management brush grommet that is an ideal for sealing holes and openings in floors, walls and ceilings. Perfect for retro-fit applications for a larger power cable, or small bundles of data cables. The grommet can seal openings for smaller diameter hard pipe or all sorts of protrusions that need to be sealed.

The Surface Mount design allows for quick and easy installation for any existing floor, wall or ceiling holes or penetrations. Simply strip away the tape exposing the adhesive foam strip and position around the opening and press into place. Secure in place with the included self tapping screws.

The added benefit of the underside EPDM rubber gasket creates an airtight seal while providing a secondary system for limiting the passage of debris and contaminants through the opening.

Constructed of flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material. ABS, EPDM and Nylon Brush Polymers all carry a V-O rating per the ANSI/UL 94.


  • Greatly reduces bypass airflow
  • Higher equipment cabinet densities
  • Increase cooling efficiencies and capacity
  • Improve static air pressure under the raised floor
  • Prevention of electrical equipment from overheating
  • Data center best practice
  • Hot/cold aisle floor configuration
  • Hot/cold aisle containment system
  • NFPA 75 Standard for protecting cable openings in floors
  • NFPA 75 Standard for cable openings and barrier penetrations
  • NFPA 75 Standard minimizing the entrance of debris beneath a raised floor



  • Constructed of flame retardant and heat resistant materials
  • Attractive textured, impact and slip resistant surface
  • ABS polycarbonate construction with a UL 94 VO rating
  • Two piece construction allows installation without disconnecting cables
  • Dual stage gasket sealing system
  • Flexible EPDM rubber gasket

Meets NFPA 75 Standards for Flame Spread Rating. Dimensions:

Cutout Diameter – 5”

Outer Diameter – 6-1/2”

Inner Diameter – 4-1/2”

Inset Depth – 1”

Raised Height – 7/8”

116-800-050-SM Dimensional Drawing