Busway Solutions Tap-Off Boxes 
Aftermarket Replacement Tap-Off Boxes for "U" shaped open channel Starline T5 Track Busway  
Busway Solutions Tap-Off Boxes 

Tap-off boxes are used to draw power from the busway.  The tap-off boxes have a special plug head (mast) which inserts into the busway (busduct) track slot.  Twist the tap-off box 90 degrees to make electrical connection.  The copper blades in the mast fit into the busbar channel inside the busway track for a compression connection.  Power tap-off boxes are available in different configurations and capacities, ranging from single-phase 120 V to three-phase 415V/240V.  The tap-off boxes typically contain circuit breakers and outlets or a drop cord with a receptacle.  


PDU Cables is now the exclusive distributor of Busway Solutions tap-off boxes.  Busway Solutions has engineered a series of tap-off boxes designed specifically to accommodate Starline T5 Track "U" shaped open channel busway system. 


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The ETL Certified Aftermarket Tap-Off Box

•    Busway Solutions tap-off boxes are a cost competitive quick-turn alternative to traditional proprietary busbar tap-off boxes. 

•    Used to distribute (tap-off) power from any “U” shaped open channel busway like Starline Track Busway.

•    Features dual mounting tabs for safe secure connection. 

•   Feature #8AWG wire standard on all boxes. 

•    Available in a wide range of device configuration. 

•    Each tap-off box includes customer specified breakers, and wiring devices as a complete pretested ready-to-install assembly.

•    Large conductor surface area.

•    Patented Inhibitor (directional indicator) assures proper de-installation to avoid possible plug mast damage.

•    Powder coated light gray 16 Ga. Steel enclosure compatible with E12, E28 and E36 plug-in boxes with standard in-box and drop cord configurations. 

•    Certified compliant by ETL to UL 857.

•    Manufacturers limited warranty covers any defect in workmanship or materials for two years from the date of purchase.  


For maximum safety follow NFPA 70e guidelines for proper installation and de-installation of tap-off boxes from busway power distribution systems.